Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ryan B reads Poetic Justice

Ah, Valentine's Day. 

A day where we are encouraged to share our hearts with our one true love, whether they want it or not.

In my case that "one true love" would be the beautiful Sabrina Spellman from the next town over. That bewitching beauty has had my heart since I was a young boy, and this Valentine's Day I'm finally going to show her how I feel. I just have to get that Harvey guy out of the way first.

So while I do that, why don't you enjoy this heart pumping tale from The Haunt of Fear #12...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Ryan B reads A Little Stranger

 It's been a wild broom ride, kids, but here we are, the end of Witchuary.

And what better way to wrap up this enchanting month than by going back to the beginning?

Whose beginning, you ask?

Let's find out. 

From The Haunt of Fear #14, drawn by Graham Ingels, this story will put some wolfsbane in your blood...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ryan B reads How To Win A Witch

Witchuary continues with a tale brought to you by the third and final of DC's three witches, the beautiful and groovy young witch, Cynthia. 

This story is pretty much Bewitched and I Dream Of Jeannie combined. It's from issue #26 of The Witching Hour and goes a little something like this...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ryan B reads I Died Last Night

Hey, fear freaks!

Witchuary continues with a tale from yet another of The Witching Hour's three witches. This time it's Mordred, the oldest and saltiest member of the coven who brings you a story from 1973's issue #34. It's written by George Kashdan and drawn by Rico Rival and is about an obituary writer who gets too involved in his work.

But I'll let Mordred tell you all about it...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ryan B reads When Satan Comes A-Creeping

Howdy, delinquents!

Witchuary continues with a story from yet another book and host that has never graced this blog before. The Witching Hour was one of many horror anthology titles put out by DC Comics in the 1970's along with others such as The House of Mystery and The House of Secrets. 

The book featured three storytelling witches who lived in a spooky castle with their hideous (yet never seen) servant named Egor. This tale from issue #18 is told by Mildred, the plump, middle aged of the three witches and concerns a man, a woman, and of course... Satan.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ryan B reads The Boy Who Cried Vampire

With the new year comes new fear, so I thought we'd kick of Witchuary here at Comic Book Crud by looking at a story from a book that we haven't ever covered before on this blog.

In 1972 Archie Comics (yes, THAT Archie Comics) decided to get in on the horror comic game that was just starting to become profitable again following the comics code authority's war on fright mags, and what they came up with was an anthology book along the same lines as Tales from the Crypt and The House of Mystery entitled, Chilling Adventures in Sorcery.

It was hosted by Sabrina Spellman, of The Teenage Witch fame (hubba, hubba), and drawn in the traditional Archie style by artist Stan Goldberg.

Was it scary?

Well, by some standards maybe. You certainly can't deny that it was risky. The stories regularly featured standard horror fare such as monsters, death, evil, and ironic or unhappy endings. Not the kind of stuff you'd typically find at Pop's Malt Shoppe.

I guess parents thought it was scary enough, because it only lasted for a handful of issues.

Okay, enough history. Today's story comes from issue #1 of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery and proves that if you're going to be a tattle tale you better have more bite than bark.

Take it away, Sabrina, you foxy little teenage dream...