Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ryan B reads The Boy Who Cried Vampire

With the new year comes new fear, so I thought we'd kick of Witchuary here at Comic Book Crud by looking at a story from a book that we haven't ever covered before on this blog.

In 1972 Archie Comics (yes, THAT Archie Comics) decided to get in on the horror comic game that was just starting to become profitable again following the comics code authority's war on fright mags, and what they came up with was an anthology book along the same lines as Tales from the Crypt and The House of Mystery entitled, Chilling Adventures in Sorcery.

It was hosted by Sabrina Spellman, of The Teenage Witch fame (hubba, hubba), and drawn in the traditional Archie style by artist Stan Goldberg.

Was it scary?

Well, by some standards maybe. You certainly can't deny that it was risky. The stories regularly featured standard horror fare such as monsters, death, evil, and ironic or unhappy endings. Not the kind of stuff you'd typically find at Pop's Malt Shoppe.

I guess parents thought it was scary enough, because it only lasted for a handful of issues.

Okay, enough history. Today's story comes from issue #1 of Chilling Adventures in Sorcery and proves that if you're going to be a tattle tale you better have more bite than bark.

Take it away, Sabrina, you foxy little teenage dream...


K, am I the only one who thinks that there are some undertones, or hell, even OVERtones to this story that are decidedly not very "Archie"?

Leave me some comments below and tell me what ya think. Kudos to Archie Comics, though, for doing something that pushes the envelope. You can't beat a recipe like Archie Comics + Sabrina + horror stories.

Catch you chickens later!

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